BF Global Logistics offers customers a total solution for European road freight. We operate a shuttle system with fixed departures days/times and guaranteed short lead-times that ensure that your goods will arrive on time. In order to facilitate these transport solutions we have an extensive European network at our disposal for all our daily import/export shipments.

Our cross-dock and warehousing facility in Tilburg is the main hub of our logistics services. From here goods from various warehousing operations are shipped together with goods from European customers who also make use of our cross docking facilities.


BF Global Logistics hub Tilburg

In Tilburg we operate a multi-client distribution centre of 10.000 sqm. Our standardized warehouse system and process ensure that customers get the highest levels of operational efficiency. The warehouse  is managed by our warehouse management system. Many companies in various sectors rely on BF Global Logistics for their European warehouse operations.

  • 5000 m² X-Dock and 12500 m² Racked WHS

Our facility is strategically located:

  • between Amsterdam & Brussels airport and between Rotterdam & Antwerp harbour
  • Tri-modal city with direct link to Rotterdam via road, barge and train
  • in the center of the Benelux region
  • Direct link into Germany’s Ruhr area
  • Easy connections East and Western Europe

Excellent Air, Ocean and Road Transport possibilities:

  • Full coverage East and West-European network
  • 24/72 hours deliveries on main destination within Europe
  • Fixed and regular departures line-hauls
  • Good connection Air and Seaports
  • Barge (2) and Train terminal within 5 km
  • Consolidation – Deconsolidation Containers

Customer service driven focus:

  • Continuous focus on efficiency and improvement cost / service
  • IT focused (full track & Trace)
  • Single point of contact
  • Dedicated and performance driven staff
  • Seamless implementation




On a daily basis we handle a large volume of goods (of any size) into Europe. BF Global Logistics plays a vital role within the European market. From our cross dock and logistics facility in Tilburg we handle large numbers of shipments to many European customers (retail, distributors, branch offices, OEM’s). Our systems ensure that the goods are shipped in a timely and cost effective manner. Full control is achieved by using our tracking and tracing system. Road Freight is the core business of BF Global Logistics and we are fully aware that logistics has to be a competitive advantage and a key element for our customers.

Regardless of the pick up/delivery point, the European market is becoming more and more transparent and customers are constantly faced with increasing competition. Agile and flexible responses to changes are vital. BF Global Logistics is the partner that can provide you with (practical and proven) transport solutions to help you remain competitive in an ever-changing market. Our transport services provide you with that extra competitive edge.

We provide a wide spectrum of logistics services that focus on various industries and supports both single modal as well as integrated logistics solutions.


Transit times

BF Global Logistics offers a total solution for road transportation within the European market.

Daily departures are scheduled from our Tilburg facility using our proven shuttle concept. This concept guarantees fixed departure days and times to and from any location in Europe. For the main European destinations we offer a special 24/36 hours door-to-door service, which provides a swift and cost effective delivery of your goods.

Within the shuttle system we make use of dedicated and fixed partners who take care of both the international haulage and the local distribution in the country of destination. We have carefully selected our partners (based on reputation, financial stability, IT solutions, geographic coverage, cost effectiveness) and linked them into our IT and EDI system. Your shipments can be logged into our tracking and tracing system to ensure complete traceability.

If you would like to receive more information about our transit times, please send us an e-mail to and ask for our brochure with detailed transit times.



On all European road transport shipments, the following surcharges can be applicable:

  • Maut
  • LSVA
  • Diesel surcharge


On 1 January 2005, Germany introduced a new toll system (Maut). This is a new tax levied to finance the infrastructure, repairs and extension of the road network within Germany. Instead of increasing local taxes they decided to tax those who most use and damage the roads, namely the transport business.

This tax is payable by all companies who transport goods to or through Germany. The tax is valid for all trucks exceeding 12 tons. The tax is decided by the environmental classification (euronorm0) of the motor and the number of axles. Momentarily, the average tariff is EUR 0.124 per kilometer, this is subject to change.

The costs for the transport business are direct and indirect. The direct costs are levied per kilometre. The indirect costs cover the installation of the unit, pre-financing control and the administration costs.

BF Global Logistics is only passing on the direct costs to its clients. These costs will be apportioned in a tariff per 100 kg on the basis of a current loading advice. The tax will appear separately on our invoices.

All motorways within Germany will be taxed. In the future, secondary roads may also be included in the tax system. Avoiding the motorways in Germany is not an alternative; it causes delays and extra costs.


Switzerland will raise the tariffs of the Leistungsabhängige Schwerverkehrsabgabe (LSVA). as of 1 January 2005. This is the toll on freight carriages in and through Switzerland. The increase becomes effective with raising the maximum train weight of 34 ton to 40 ton. The LSVA is related to the train weight, the type of engine (Euro-0, -1, -2, -3, -4 or -5) in the truck and the number of kilometres driven in Switzerland.

For a truck with a Euro-0 or -1 engine with a train weight of 40 tons which drives 300 km in Switzerland, a toll is imposed of 2.88 “rap” for each ton of weight a km, in total 346 Swiss francs (approximately 232 euro). For a truck with a Euro-2 engines this is 2.52 “rap” for each ton of weight for 300 km, in total 302 francs (approximately 202 Euro). For one truck with a Euro-3, -4 or -5 engine the cost will come to 2.15 “rap”. This is 258 Swiss francs (approximately 173 euro) for each ton of weight for 300 km.

Diesel surcharge

As of 15 March 2006 market leader Shell stopped publishing recommended prices for fuel. Our fuel surcharge is based on these recommended prices. As from above date the recommended price by BP,, applies for defining the fuel surcharge. We have chosen for BP, because these data are also used by the trade association Transport en Logistiek Nederland, Starting point for our tariffs 2012 is the average diesel price over Q4 2003, i.e. € 0.794 per liter, VAT included

As diesel prices regularly fluctuate and cannot be influenced, BF Global Logistics applies a fuel surcharge. We publish an up-to-date summary of the diesel surcharge every month.


Surcharge October 2020 : 6%


The monthly average will be used as surcharge for consignments in the following month. This average will be calculated on each first working day of the month.

BF Global Logistics reserves all rights to define both the height of the percentage as well as the duration of the surcharge. Please check our web page on a regular basis for alterations.

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