European clients continue to make increasingly higher demands on all levels within the transport world. Our clients in turn pass these demands onto us. Logistic services and outsourcing has been at the core of BF Global Logistics. This is why many companies choose BF Global Logistics as their complete logistics package.

Besides our normal services we offer our clients a range of value added logistics and additional services. These can then be passed on to their customers to offer them a complete customer service package within Europe. All of the above mentioned services are fully integrated into our operational systems and where possible, connected to our IT systems.

We offer the following value added services:

  • Invoicing
  • Fiscal representation for foreign entrepreneurs
  • Freight payment

In combination with our value added logistic services we offer the following advantages:

  • Decreasing the delivery time to the client
  • Decreasing the stock levels
  • Improving the client service


BF Global Logistics has a number of advanced distribution centres, which have a number of functions. Firstly goods can be stored safely until distributed further and also for cross-dock and a merge in transit centre. For the customer, this means fast and cost efficient deliveries.

All our warehouses are fitted with advanced fire and theft prevention systems. All entrance/exit doors and gates are fitted with an automated control system. All our warehouses are also fitted with a sprinkler system.


Value added logistics

BF Global Logistics is offering VAL (Value added logistics) services to customize products to meet individual European country requirements. Ideally, such operations are carried out as much as possible downstream in the supply chain.

Some of our VAL services:

  • Quality control
  • Assembly, configuration
  • Build to order, pack to order
  • Repair
  • Returns handling

Benefits of our VAL services for our customers:

  • The storage of mainly generic end products or components will result in a cost reduction and minimize the risk of keeping stock.
  • A larger and more flexible range of products can be marketed, as country- and/or customer-specific products can be delivered faster (order-driven) to European customers.
  • When the VAL activities are executed in our bonded warehouse you can save considerably on import duties.
  • Transportation costs savings.

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