BF Global Logistics is monitoring the developments in the outdoor industry. We have combined our knowledge, logistic skills and human resources in order to develop top notch and tailored services and solutions to the outdoor industry. These are based on the challenges, which the outdoor industry offers, and result in benefits to our customers. We do not only facilitate companies already established in Europe, but also those on the verge of European expansion.

Outdoor industry challenges:

  • Shortening of the design-to-sale lead time
  • Smaller production orders
  • Hyper competition
  • Focus on cost and efficiency
  • Environmental issues
  • Minimize redundant inventory
  • To create a responsive, reliable and agile supply chain
  • Outlet specific order preparation (in-shop delivery)
  • Strong season pattern

Our services and solutions for the outdoor industry:

  • Value added services (conditioning, commissioning and re-labelling)
  • Returns handling

Customer benefits of our outdoor services:

  • Shortening of the design-to-sale lead time
  • Strong focus on customer-driven and tailored solutions
  • Dedicated and skilled team  that supports and understands the Outdoor industry
  • Reliable, time-definite services supported by our worldwide network
  • Cost effective rates, optimised warehousing services and logistics concepts to reduce inventory in the supply chain
  • Safe and secure warehouses
  • Total supply chain visibility
  • Outlet specific order preparation (in-shop delivery)
  • More and more retail channels are organized pan-European
  • Strong season pattern benefits outsourcing
  • Dedicated transport services to retail shop directly
  • BF Global Logistics is a member of some leading outdoor business organization. We are fully updated on developments in the outdoor industry. We tailor our service package to these needs and developments.

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